Cullen’s new Gable Restraint System is accepted by the NHBC as meeting their technical requirements and delivers a robust structural fixing for timber gables.

New Gable Restraint Bracket:-

We are delighted to announce that our technical experts have solved another industry-wide issue. On this occasion, creating a unique system for the design and installation of timber gable wall panels attached to masonry construction.

Gable Restraint Bracket

Gable Restraint Bracket (Patent Pending)

Featuring the innovative Cullen Gable Restraint Bracket (GRB), this allows for a complete system to connect timber gables and masonry walls to the roof structure in order to resist wind loadings. Whilst existing details may require checks depending on the site, region and wind loads, the Cullen system has been proven for use UK-wide in Class 1 buildings and houses of three storeys or less.

This has been accepted by the NHBC as meeting their technical requirements and delivers a robust structural fixing for timber gables. Site testing with leading housebuilders proves this is a cost-effective solution and simple to install. Our system has been created in collaboration with the NHBC and TRA and will be adopted by the TRA in a forthcoming Gable Panel Guide.

At ITW Construction Products we follow a customer-focused approach to new product development which allows us to research and interpret the true needs of our customers and the industry. This collaboration combined with and our dedicated focus on innovation enables us to create true industry problem-solving solutions. We are thrilled that, even already, major housebuilders are changing their designs to the Cullen gable restraint system.

Gable Restraint System Technical – Guidance Pack including Samples

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