Installation Animations

ITW CP recognise that compliance is pivotal for any reputable housebuilder. This is no different for our Cullen product when being installed on site; it is imperative that our quality product is supported with a professional installation, without any short cuts taken.

To aid our partners and customers in this, we have created some install animations for the most popular products in the range. These animations are available here, or can be accessed via the Cullen App or YouTube.

General Installation Information

Proper product installation and construction practices must be followed at all times.

Timber members and Engineered Wood Products may split when nailed; this may reduce their safe working load/characteristic capacity .

To achieve the safe working loads/characteristic capacities published all specified nails and fastenings must be used and installed as per the instructions set out in the Cullen Technical Guide.

Failure to follow proper nailing procedures and instructions will reduce the safe working loads/ characteristic capacities.

Only bend Cullen connectors when directed to by the appropriate Cullen installation guide, and when necessary “only bend once”.

NB. Any modification to any Cullen custom-made or manufactured connector and/or hanger product will void any warranty given by Cullen in relation to that particular connector and/or hanger product.