SpaceRafter Metal Open Web Fabrication

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SpaceRafter Metal Open Web Fabrication

SpaceRafter offers advantages over the traditional roof build methods, allowing faster build opportunities by being supplied pre-insulated, or as roof cassettes, and can be designed to create ‘a roof in the roof

Benefits of SpaceRafter


Long Spans

Longer clear spans can be achieved than with solid timber, requiring fewer intermediate supports, saving time on site.


Thermal performance

Rigid, blown or quilt insulation can be fitted inside voids to improve thermal efficiency.



Available in cassettes to increase construction speed on site.


Easy to handle

Now even lighter, the lightweight construction makes SpaceRafter easy to individually move on site without the need for crane hire.



Can be used on both residential and commercial buildings.

Loose SpaceRafter

SpaceRafter can be supplied loose for both residential and commercial builds. The rafters can be supplied with rigid insulation between the timber chords for improved thermal efficiency.

Retrofit SpaceRafter

SpaceRafter combined with SpaceJoist can be used to create a ‘room in the roof’ space by replacing the existing roof trusses. A detailed structural design and method statement must be prepared by a qualified designer before any work is undertaken.

SpaceRafter Cassettes

SpaceRafter can be supplied as cassettes for residential and commercial projects. The roof cassettes can comprise of a number of SpaceRafter, complete with sheathing, plasterboard and insulation for fast installation on site.

SpaceRafter Metal Open Web Fabrication

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