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Paslode Onsite Gas Nailing

Users of the Cullen, Alpine and Gangnail brands can leverage the market leading prowess of ITW CP fastening system brands to solve almost any fixing solution. Internationally renowned and highly regarded, Paslode has been at the heart of the revolution of hammer-free fixing and nailing for 80 years.


Constantly striving to maximise user’s productivity, Paslode lithium fuel injection framing nailers continue to lead the industry, immune to the cold and working for longer than ever before, with the highest quality Eurocode 5 compliant nails produced in our own facility in Denmark.

Timber frame and roof construction should also look to the IM360Ci, the flagship Gas powered lithium nail gun. Loaded with a host of features and benefits, including temperature intelligent fuel injection, a 13,000 shot per charge lithium plus battery and Start & Go battery saving technology, this tool caters for a broad range of applications, firing 51-90mm nails, in four different coatings, and 50 – 75mm NailScrew fasteners.

Framing - Paslode Onsite Gas Nailing
Metalwork Fastening - Paslode Onsite Gas Nailing

Metalwork Fastening

Cullen users should look to focus on the PPN35Ci, a tool specifically designed for firing square twist nails into metalwork at a significant time saving and health and safety initiative to the user. Three times faster than any hammer in the world.

Structural Screws

Paslode also manufacture and provide a high-quality range of structural timber screws for timber frame applications, specifically designed for the UK construction market.

Concrete and Steel Fixing

SPIT is a leading manufacturer of fixings for steel and concrete applications. With over 60 years of innovation, manufacturing, R&D and support, we provide fixing systems and solutions to professionals all over the world.

For housebuilders, the PAT shot fired range is the professional’s choice for fixing timber at speed into steel, concrete and masonry, with no mess and no fuss. Robust, reliable and tried and tested for many years, this versatile tool caters for a fantastic range of applications, minimises charge wastage, and has a sequential trigger to combat safety concerns built in.

SPIT also manufactures a broad range of Chemical and Mechanical anchor systems that can provide a solution for almost any application, however simplistic or demanding.

For the full range of Paslode and SPIT tools and Fastening Systems, please visit, or contact technical support via email with a specific application in mind.

Paslode Onsite Gas Nailing

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