Training Modules

Cullen has recently launched a BETA version of an e-Learning course for its partners. This course, focused on some of our most popular and versatile products is designed to ensure contractors or fabricators can rely on their staff to install Cullen product correctly. 

This is another addition to our complete offering as we strive to support our partners in our joint drive for Quality, Safety and Compliance. We seek to enhance traditional learning, supporting existing onsite methods, and provide a valuable reference point which guarantees a level of installation skill and safety.

The e-learning course allows a supervisor role to be established who can then oversee the completion levels of enrolled staff.

The course currently features eight complete modules, with numerous topics within each, to give an all rounded education on correct application and installation of our UH, HUH, I-Clips and OW clips, the HVGR End Seal and PTS. These cover both i-Joist and Open Web applications.

Cullen e-Learning is built from rendered animations, which pause at pivotal stages in order to bring in text overlays, explaining what needs to be done. The applicant then clicks to continue the animation at their own pace.

Measured Assessments

Each topic ends with an assessment which requires a 100% pass rate, but can be retaken as necessary without penalty until the correct understanding level is achieved.

At the end of a successful assessment, employees can PDF and print a certificate of achievement, highlighting that they have passed the applicable module. The supervisor role will also be able to see which of his reports has successfully completed the training.

For more information on the training we offer, please contact us.