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Launch of the Cullen Brand RSS – Racking Sheathing Solution

June 4, 2018

Racking forces occur in timber frame structures when subjected to horizontal actions (wind loads).  It is increasingly challenging for engineers and designers to achieve higher racking resistance in modern buildings with narrow frontage, large openings and open plan living.

Working with engineers, designers, fabricators and on site, issues around racking were researched by the ITWCP team fully capturing the “voice of customer”.  A major pain point was the need to double sheath (apply two layers of orientated strand board – OSB) in order to achieve higher racking resistance.

Whether applied in factory conditions or installed onsite, the application of the second layer of OSB results in health and safety concerns, is time consuming to install, costly and can occasionally result in call backs.  Armed with a deep knowledge and understanding around the industry’s key needs and challenges our technical experts create industry problem solvers.  Thus, the Cullen RSS was created.  Simply put, a quick to factory-fit engineered metal bracket system which provides additional racking forces.  The offsite installation allows manufacturers to remove the second layer of OSB in timber frame wall panels.

We chose to host the launch event at the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) and invited all industry partners whom we worked with during development to join us.  Attendees were provided with a sample pack including user guide (available to download)

Attendees were raving about our approach to product development and the positive impact the RSS will bring, all the way from engineering design through to offsite install.

“I enjoyed the event and I applaud ITWCP’s commitment to innovation and helping the industry”

Stanley Fyffe, Structural Engineer from Stanley Fyffe Associates

“At Walker Timber Group we are continually looking at ways to increase the pre-manufactured content of our units before sending to site. We worked with ITWCP throughout the development process and are delighted with the outcome – a system that can be fully controlled and fitted in our factories. I am enthusiastic about the RSS and the benefits stemming from this innovation”

David Fleming, Director at Walker Timber Group

“The solution provides engineers an additional option of trying to achieve racking resistance and not going back to the client / contractor to say we need to double sheath the panel or include for a portal frame”

Gordon Swan, Project Structural Engineer from Harley Haddow

Such positive feedback is a testament to ITWCP’s successful approach to developing new problem solving solutions and our knowledgeable technical teams creating these innovations.  This is an ongoing process and we welcome the opportunity to work with the industry to find the next solution to satisfy its needs.