Keeping Connected 2018. Welcome to this Summer Edition of our newsletter, filled with information to support our customers and fulfil their busy order books for the rest of 2018.

Keeping Connected 2018

Welcome to this Summer Edition of Keeping Connected, filled with information to support our customers and fulfil their busy order books for the rest of 2018. For access to live on-line only articles and developments click here to follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.

Market Leading Technical Developments: R&D /Technical Team

Newly Tested SpaceJoist Now Achieves 90 Minutes Fire Resistance to BS and EN Standards

As a responsible leader in the construction industry ITWCP continues to raise industry standards for fire certification.

Over the past several months we have conducted a fire test programme on our SpaceJoist metal web floor system.  As a result of our most recent testing, we are now pleased to announce that SpaceJoist achieves 90 minutes fire resistance to BS and EN standards.  Considering ready-availability of materials this is a standard construction using two layers of 15mm Type F plasterboard to meet the Robust Details requirements for separating floors.  Please get in touch with us for your fire guidance pack.

To help everyone’s understanding of what’s involved, we arranged a time lapse video to capture the floor build and the fire test itself.

We’re thrilled to have achieved our aim of 90 minutes fire resistance and pleased to play a leading role in the industry.

View our time lapse video of the build here.

SpaceJoist – The First Open Web Joist to Achieve Gold Standard

Recent independent testing proves SpaceJoist is the first open web joist delivering outstanding acoustic performance to achieve Scottish Building Regulation Gold Standard for noise separation (domestic) non-separating floors of 45dB.

We are delighted with this industry first.  It’s great news for architects, builders, housing associations and engineers alike as they can now choose SpaceJoist when aspiring to Gold Standard sound performance.

Get in contact for your SpaceJoist Gold Standard Floor Construction
Guidance Pack.

SpaceJoist Category C Supports the Ideal Solution to Reduce the Risk of Fire Spread

We’re delighted to have developed a Category C open web floor solution which the Structural Timber Association has approved as an acceptable option in their Product Paper 4, the “go-to-guide” for fire robust solutions during the construction process.

We’ve listened to our fabricators and understand their customers require higher performance fire mitigation during the construction phase.  SpaceJoist Category C will reduce the use of, or eliminate, the need for temporary fire mitigation (such as sacrificial boards) in the areas where open web joists are used.  Potentially reducing cost and saving time on future projects.

Software to Support the Industry:
Software Team

ITW software supports fabricators and their clients with key features

GNRoof….did you know?

  • GNRoof has the ability to convert existing BS jobs to EC5, meaning you will not have to re-input existing BS designed house types from scratch when the EC5 becomes mandatory on July 1st.
  • 3D modelling empowers the user to visualise the structure clearly, including the ability to display user applied loads. Models can be produced and shared with clients for excellent clarity of how the structure is formed. Click the link to see for yourself how GN software is being used to deliver value to customers prior to manufacture and installation.
  • GNRoof’s design & engineering flexibility enables designers to have total control to produce detailed structural designs, no matter how complex the roof is required to be.

tSManagement….did you know?

  • tSM has an integrated production and delivery planner, allowing a production manager to plan a factory workload from start to finish, giving greater visibility.
  • tSM allows for multiple call offs to reference the same roof kit, meaning the same kit does not have to be copied multiple times inflating the required database size.
  • tSM has the ability to display metrics & KPI’s for all parts of the business.

Meet the Team

I joined ITW as a UK Key Account Manager in 2015, working alongside our fantastic colleagues and helping develop our valued customers’ business. With the opportunity to continue our development together in the industry, from the 1st August, I’m delighted to be starting my new role as Gang-Nail Commercial Manager (UK/I).

Joining the industry 17 years ago in manufacturing, working through design, technical sales and branch managers roles, I have seen many changes, from a technical design perspective to the manufacturing processes we know of today. I look forward to many more years working with you all, existing and new, to keep pushing these boundaries in new and exciting ways.

I can be reached directly on 07885 877753 or email and look forward to hearing from you all.

Connect with me on Linkedin for updates.

John Hancock, Gang-Nail Commercial Manager (UK/I)

Larissa Witt, Business Unit Manager,
Offsite Construction Europe

We are delighted that the Offsite Business Unit has had a solid first half of 2018. We value our customers and continue to support the growth and success of our partners through innovative products, coupled with excellent customer service and localised support.

Our leadership team now looks as follows. This new structure enables us to focus with more clarity on our customer needs and business-critical software department.

I am thrilled to announce that John Hancock has been promoted to Gang-Nail Commercial Manager (UK/I). John has been with ITW for just over three years as Key Account Manager for Offsite covering the central part of the UK. John has continually impressed in his role as KAM – nurturing strong relationships with his customers and building on his deep industry experience.

I am also very excited to announce that Monika Thomas will join us from October as Key Account Manager for the UK South. Monika has previously held commercial roles for the Spit and Paslode businesses and was more recently responsible for the Crawley distribution centre. We look forward to welcoming Monika to the Offsite business.

Neil Chadwick has been promoted and now heads up our Wood Business Unit. Raymond Love has taken up the position of Offsite Key Account Manager for Ireland reporting directly to Daryn Scally. We wish Raymond and Neil every success in their new roles.

It is with great sadness that Mick Kelly, Neil Hoskins and Daniel Bromage have decided to leave ITW. We wish them all well on their future endeavors.

To strengthen our software department we have a vacancy for a Software Product Owner (based in Farnborough or Redruth). Also a Key Account Manager for the Midlands. Please contact for more details.


Raising Awareness of Industry Leading Products: Marketing Team

Innovation at its Best – Newly Launched Cullen Racking Sheathing Solution
– ST Awards 2018 Finalist

The ability to satisfy the industry’s needs by making its construction partners part of the product development process is central to our customer backed-innovation culture. Customers are engaged as part of the process from the outset ensuring the solution developed satisfies their requirements.

Most recently a common theme is issues around racking in timber frame structures. It is increasingly challenging for engineers and designers to achieve higher racking resistance in modern buildings with narrow frontage, large openings and open plan living. This results in a need for reduced nail centres, application of lining boards such as oriented strand board (OSB), introduction of steel and so on in order to achieve higher racking resistance.

The Cullen solution is a quick to factory-fit engineered metal bracket system which provides additional racking forces. Offsite installation allows manufacturers to remove the second layer of OSB in timber frame wall panels.

Click the link for the RSS User Guide.     We’re ready to take your orders today!

Spreading the News – Have You Seen Our Advert in the Latest Edition of the Structural Timber Magazine?

With a circulation of over 50K in sectors including Residential Housing, Local Authority, Education, Healthcare and Commercial our latest advert is proving to be popular. View advert here.

The video link has had several thousands of hits on social media with clients, architects, contractors and specifiers keen to understand more about our market leading test results and benefits of the SpaceJoist system.

Spread the news – check out the downloads and resources section of our web site for promotional tools.

ITWCP on Exhibition at the Structural Timber Association

AGM & Conference

Busy exhibition stand with industry professionals wanting to learn more about the Cullen timber frame Racking Sheathing Solution (RSS) and Scottish Gold Standard acoustic performance of our SpaceJoist open web.

Nicola Small, Barry Meacher and Trudi Stewart were on-hand to answer everyone’s questions.

Installation Right First Time

Breaking News!

Following on the success of the Cullen installation videos, we’re delighted that the open web floor set of installation videos is now complete.  Avoid costly site call backs, click the link to view.

New Improved Packaging

We recently started a migration to new, more robust Gang-Nail plate packaging.  This has proven to be successful and in the coming weeks Cullen connectors packaging will also be switched to the new sturdy boxes.  The new kraft brown packaging is more environmentally friendly too.  A real winner all-round!